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Duncan Wilkinson


A decade ago, I found my home in Guernsey, leaving my mark across various industries, including Retail, Leisure, Toy, eGambling, and Hospitality.


Navigating regulated environments is my strength, turning challenges into opportunities. My unwavering focus on the customer journey ensures resonant experiences at every touchpoint, while adaptability drives success in innovative environments.

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+44 (0)7781433587


Genting Casinos
Alderney Gambling Control Commission
Bailiwick Express
Alexander Daniels
Guernsey Tourism Partnership

Committee Member
Guernsey Tourism Partnership

As a Committee Member at the Guernsey Tourism Partnership, I help shape the future of tourism in Guernsey. Our team collaborates with tourism-related businesses, gathers feedback, and facilitates discussions with the States of Guernsey to promote tourism as a key industry and identify new market opportunities.


I also contribute to marketing content and ensure effective communication with our diverse members. These efforts support the Guernsey Tourism Partnership's vision and positively impact the local tourism scene. I'm passionate about the changes we're bringing to our community and the broader tourism industry in Guernsey.


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